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Sparquest | Soft Skills Trainer Chennai | Outbound Training | Consultancy

Our Services include and not limit to

  •  Soft Skills Training - Educational Institutions, Corporate houses, Government Institutions, NGOs
  •  Specialized workshops - Soft Skills for the Elite
  •  Outbound Training
  •  Guidance and Counseling

    Train to evolve: Sparquest envisions empowering mankind. Our trainings work as a makeover to bring out the best of "You". Life skills as they are termed, soft skills induce the required amount of optimism thus making a person highly effective.

    Sparquest induces the metamorphosis and remains a supporting force from the start until the transformation comes about. We term it "re-birthing". Our programs fine tune people to adapt to changes, embrace responsibilities, it works as a self development tool.

    Our soft skills training program works towards

    •  Betterment of current performance
    •  Acclimatize to wider skills
    •  Grooming for succession planning

    Our workshops are tailor-made to suit the training needs of our clients. Our programs manifest as 5S

    •   Self- confidence
    •   Self-awareness
    •   Self-development
    •   Speak and communicate perfect
    •   Superior personality

    Sparquest | Soft Skills Trainer Chennai | Outbound Training | Consultancy
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